Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Segway and GM develop two-wheeled city vehicle

Is this the answer to their prayers??

New York (NY) – Segway and General Motors (GM) describe it as Project PUMA, but there is really other way to describe this device as a Segway scooter with two seats and a roof. It is just a prototype at this time, but if this vehicle becomes a reality it may not only give GM better cards when dealing with the government and its bailout, but also make us rethink how we get around town.




  1. Oh my, I totally want one! I wonder if police units will start using this when it becomes available, like a lot of them use the segway scooters now. Like we read about in Diffusion of Innovations and Long Tail, there is always something new around the corner to replace the previous innovation. The technology is always changing and adapting and sometimes in competition with their own comapany. ~Ginger

  2. Whose prayers? The guys who are driving these things would certainly be praying.

    All joking aside it is about time that American started thinking about "resizing" their image of forms of transportaion.

    I do wonder about its safety rating though.

  3. I doubt the crash impact test scores could be very high!! LOL


  4. it look like Steve Urkels car

    Angela Branch

  5. I heard another story about this tonight on NPR. GM says that they are installing sensors to detect possible impacts with pedestrians, and other vehicles. As if the screams would not be enough.

    They also answer a complaint about it's size. The complaint is that it is too big to be on the sidewalk, but not safe enough to be on the streets. It is GM's hope that cities will start creating special lanes for these types of alternative vehicles.

    It is an interesting paradox. My immediate reaction is that no city will divert funds to the creation of this type of lane, and yet don't we need industry to push this new agenda? Perhaps this is exactly the kinds of innovations that we need our large companies to engage in to change the world as we know it.

    At least they are taking a risk with an eye to a greener future.