Friday, April 17, 2009

Good vs Effective Leader (Know Which Hill You're Willing to Die On)

Have you guys read Chapter 7 of “The Contrarian's Guide to Leadership” yet? The first few pages got me really thinking about what I would do if put in the following situation(s):

You’re a solider driving a bus down a narrow mountain road, with a wall of granite on one side and a two-hundred-foot drop-off on the other. As you round a corner, a five-year old girl suddenly dashes out into the middle of the road to retrieve her ball. There’s time to do only one of three things: stay on course and kill the girl; or intentionally swerve and kill yourself by falling over the drop-off; or hit the brakes, skid, and swerve, thereby killing both yourself and the girl. {or}...consider the same scenario, but with nineteen other soliders on the bus…{or} you are alone in the bus but you’re carrying information which is crucial to your battalion’s success in a battle soon to be waged. Or you are alone in the bus and the girl is “merely” a child of the enemy…. (Sample, S. 2002)

What would you do in these situations?


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