Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Newspaper Is Dying--The Colbert Show

A second night in a row in which The Colbert Report addresses the death of TV/newspapers....the segment starts at about 13:45 within the video.

They make a quick point--most of the online news sources get their news from newspaper writers. Will the loss of some newspapers--reduce/change the content/news that we have access to? Who will replace the work that they do?

Lisa Wagner-Rappe


  1. Check it is only a quick few minutes if you start it at 13:45. And it is just a continuation of our discussions from the last class.

  2. Lisa,

    Isn't that kind of the same question that the wikipedia people needed to answer? I think (and sometimes fear) that the news industry will become more of an open source entity. When that happens, there may be times when the coverage is better, and there may be times when the coverage will get worse.

    Whatever happens, the person reading the news will have to become much more active in the process of making sense of the news.

    Just my thoughts in response to a get question.