Sunday, April 26, 2009

Do I Really Have To Join Twitter?

Twitter sure has been in the news a lot lately.

Lisa Wagner-Rappe


  1. This is a great article Lisa and answers my nagging question, do I really have to use Twitter. I have asked myself the question, if I'm not using it and everyone else is, what information am I missing that I should be getting? Am I not in touch with everything and everyone if I'm not using Twitter. I feel much better after reading the author state "But it is not—or, at least, not yet—a necessary way to stay socially relevant in the information age." Whew! I think that Twitter is great and I do jump on it occasionally, but it is not hooked up to my phone and I am not constantly checking it. If I need to get information to someone I'll find a way and vice versa. In other words, as the author writes, "there's nothing lame about waiting to see whether Twitter pans out." The last thing I want to be is lame. :) ~Ginger

  2. I think its just to eaches own. I dont think it takes studies nor articles to try and figure out how unimportant the network is or how or what someone should use it for. I use it more socially than say Dr. Syb but we both visit it looking for stuff we didnt know and get enjoyment out of it.

    Angela Branch