Tuesday, April 21, 2009

BBC Launches Virtual College of Journalism

Darren Waters 5 Mar 09, 13:55 GMT

The BBC is to open up its 'Virtual' College of Journalism to the public.

Thousands of pages of skills advice, video and guides to almost every aspect of journalism - from interview techniques to in-the-field reporting and even sports commentary - will be made available.

"One of the most important things that we need to think about and do is teach journalism to the next generation and to the new leaders within journalism," said the BBC's Kevin Marsh, at the DNA 2009 conference in Brussels.

Every aspect of online training that is currently available to 7,500 BBC journalists will be open to the public.

The Virtual College - a network of microsites that talk to each other - will go live to the public in a number of weeks. It already has a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Ning.

Journalism learning is also available across BBC language sites.
"I'm quietly proud of this stuff," said Mr Marsh.


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