Monday, April 13, 2009

What's Happening Now

Good Monday Morning! I hope you all had a great Easter weekend. This is a commercial for Sprint that I keep seeing on TV. It has been out for about a week and is a great example of the speed of information we have been talking about in class. It is all connected faster than we can probably imagine. Who knows if the data is completely accurate, but I still find it interesting. I have been looking for it to be able to post and finally found it this morning. Has anyone sent an email recently with the words "miracle banana diet?"



  1. This is probably the best informative commercial out. I think it is great especially about the percentage of people that don't know about Twitter. Oh, and nope haven't got any banana emails!


  2. While this seems so fast and chaotic, it does seem to be how the world is moving these days. Information of all sorts are being sent to others as a rapid speed! Part of me is impressed with all of the technology but another part of me thinks about what we are all missing in our lives by this "speed" in our lives. The instant of anything! I would like to chalk it up to a generation gap and some may be just that but I know too many grandparents who are avid computer users. Do you think we a choice in this fast speed of life? If you choose to not buy in to it all, I am thinking you might lose out. But on what?


  3. Well Ive surely used diet but Im not to sure about banana but I also woner if they took the time to research all that an if so I like it even more. But if I had to guess I would say they did their homework that would just be too easy of a mistake the other companies would be all over them

    Angela Branch

  4. Good commercial but my head is still spinning from just trying to keep up with it.


  5. What a great commercial. It makes the technology so contextual.