Friday, April 17, 2009

Im twittered!

Ok so no linked story today I wanted to tell you all about my twitter obsession! There is so much excitement going on and if you havent joined you should. I know everyone isnt a rag mag junkie or live vicariously through clebrities lives as I do but besides the high I get from that on twitter there are some cool things going on. It was really fun to be able to follow the competition between Ashton Kutcher and CNN to see who could get a million followers first. With CNN about 20,000 followers ahead of Ashton at the beginning of this week he finished up on yesterday I believe it was with 200 more than CNN and got to a million first! All sorts of celebrities pitched in on his campaign, not just on Twitter but even news and entertainment shows such as E News. I mean he really campaigned, as I was driving home from work today I noticed on this huge electronic ad board the words, Follow Ashton Kutcher on Twitter, how cool was that! Other celebs are doing cool things like Hugh Jackman. He is having his followers to tweet him about their favorite charities and why they are the best and the one he chooses he will personnally donate 10,000 dollars to that charity! Diddy has started the PTwitty nation and PTwitty TV where he puts up live videos of himself and other celebrities at events and will be on Larry King tonight to talk about his tweeting. Its so much I could go on for days but thats just a small amount for now. I hope I've tweeted your curiosity! Have a great day!

Angela Branch

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