Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ad Dollars Shift From Wants to Needs


We've talked some in class about the recession and if it might be a long term adjustment or just a hiccup for us--at least for the younger generations. Interesting article about how advertising dollars are being shifted at least in the meantime.

Lisa Wagner-Rappe


  1. Great article and I like what advertisers are doing. I think it is reality but also brings a sense we are all in the economy crunch together. Home Depot hit it right on target- I think more people are growing gardens this year to help off-set grocery expenses. While I do hate our economy has fallen (along with our 401K)I do like the idea of getting back to a simple way of life and not being such a consumer driven community. It almost feels like a relief!

    So, here's to a simpler way of life!


  2. I agree Nanci. I think we would all be less stressed as society if we could learn to live simpler. This recession may be forcing us to do just that. Target has ads out right now also about this topic, advertising the new "night out" is watching the stars in your $12 camp chairs, and "clubbing" to your Nintendo dance game. The emphasis seems to be turning more to staying home and doing the little things that can make you happy instead of spending money on the big things. It will be interesting to see if it stays this way after the recession is over. I will second that simpler way of life! ~ Ginger