Friday, April 10, 2009

Uproar over 'news story' ad on front page of LA Times

WASHINGTON (AFP) — An advertisement dressed up as a news story on the front page of the Los Angeles Times has reporters at the newspaper fuming and the publisher defending the move.
The advertisement, for the NBC television series "Southland," appeared on page one of the Times on Thursday. Although it was labelled "advertisement," the ad resembled a news story complete with a bold-type headline.
According to the blog MediaMemo, more than 100 staffers at the newspaper signed a petition protesting the appearance of the fake news story ad on the front page.
"We the journalists of the newsroom strenuously object to the decision to sell an ad, in the form of a phony news story, on the front page of the Los Angeles Times," quoted the petition as saying.



  1. Now that's even low for NBC to pull a stunt like that and worse for the paper to allow it.


  2. People need to read. we can't blame the people who sold or came up with the idea if people are too lazy to read or think.

    Who was harmed?

  3. Well I thinhk it goes against journalism principals which despite ones personal stand to be neutral in providing information. That article could have definitely given NBC the one up in ratings that night.

    Angela Branch