Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Getting Rid of annoying babies!

Apple just pulled an application called, "Baby Shaker". A baby appears on the screen of your phone and you are supposed to shake it until you see an x in both eyes and then the baby is quiet. It was supposed to serve as some type of stress relief for when you are in public and someones child is crying or interrupting your flow. Obviously this didnt go over too well with the public because it was removed after only being up since Monday.

Angela Branch


  1. Wow, yeah I can see why that wouldn't go over to well. Not the best idea for an application, I can think of much better stress relievers, like maybe walk away! It just goes to show that not every idea is a good idea, but sometimes you have to put it out there to find out. It probably didn't cost Apple hardly anything to make the application available and then take it down. These are the options companies have now when everything is digital like Chris Anderson talks about in The Long Tail. The appliation isn't taking up any physical space so why not try it. Obviously this one wasn't a good idea. ~Ginger

  2. I agree. For me that would probably make me more stressed. :o)