Monday, April 6, 2009

The Decline of Newspaper Revenue and the Promise of the Human Network

From Twitter's themediaisdying:



  1. This is we've been talking about in class -- if newspapers were information or knowledge driven instead of 'ad revenue' driven, I'd probably buy it more often.

    As opposed to waiting for Sunday's paper so I can cut out coupons and get excited that there's a supersized comic/cartoon section. I still want to see Calvin and Hobbes make a comeback.

    It really does tie into figuring out what your purpose is...and pursuing that angle.


  2. I wonder how long before most newspapers are completely gone...Like it said in the article, "The fate of newspapers, and journalism, is tied to the publisher's adeptness and mastery to reinvent the model for the creation, distribution, and promotion of information as it identifies and connects to the shift in social consumption."