Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Apperance over Content

Since the exit of former view host Rosie O' Donnell, the view's current ratings have sky rocketed with the current addition of Whoppi Goldberg. However, Ms. Goldberg has now obtain criticism becuase of her apperance. The abc overheads has receied phone calls and emails from viewers cause of the way she dresses and her overall apperance in general. She addresses these issues during her hot topics sessions with her cohorts. Her response to the criticism: "Don't judge me on my apperance but listen to my content." My opinion is this, Whoppi has been who she is and what she is for years. In her stand up comedy routines, she makes no qualms about it. I think women in the public eye and media receives more ridicule and backlash based on apperance then men. Donald Trump has been wearing that same tired toupee for years. You don't see network executives at NBC trying to push him off the air :-)

Shetika Watkins


  1. I couldn't agree more! Personally I would much rather listen to Whoopi than Rosie and although I don't really watch The View, she seems to be a much better fit than Rosie ever was. Whoopi thinks and brings the topics to the forefront, which is much more important than how she dresses. You are right Shetika, women do get looked at a lot more closely then men through the eyes of the media. ~Ginger

  2. Amen although none of Trumps toupees ever looked that great!


  3. The view only remained popular because of the election and Elizabeth's different views that caused tension. Rosie offered them their highest ratings they'd had in years I and dont believe Whoopi would have substained the audience but hey thats my opinion.