Monday, March 23, 2009

Open Discussion

So in this innovative learning experiment, your Professor assigns a class blog. A classmate, Lisa asks is this the best way? Excellent question. What are your other options? Possibly,, Of course, that means people need to explore the sites to figure out which one will be the most efficient, user-friendly and get the job done. And, there are probably thousands of other sites to consider.

Note, I chose Blogger because it was easiest enough for me to learn. However, I have students with blogs on wordpress, the Practicum Pioneers and Belmont Media Blog.


  1. This is Lisa. In regards to the above comment--thanks for the additional info. When I asked, "is this the best way" I was actually referring to --"can/should I be logging in with Lori's info--rather than setting up my own account?" Personally, I do not wish to set up/manage --yet another account-- for something short term such as this class. Even when I am not logged in as Lori under the class blog, and I want to post a comment--it makes me choose from a list of email options--of which I do not have. So, it wants to prompt me to open up a new email account with Google, Gmail, Live, etc, etc. It isn't compatible with ALL email accounts out there. At least not from what I see so far.

    So, until I am instructed otherwise--I choose to continue to log in using Lori's information. :)

  2. Ohhhh, no problem. For now, please do use Lori's. I just wanted to be transparent and open. I wanted to make sure this was the best way for everybody. THANKS!

  3. I was also echoing Lisa's question. It was effeciency, not technology.---Ted

  4. This is Mariko. Can someone please help me with signing in using Lori's email? Every time I get on this website and click sign in it takes me to and I have to sign in as my google user name. So I can only comment on a current posting but not add a new post.

    Please help a technology-challenged student although I doubt I'm the only one since half the class isn't even on this thing.

  5. (Ted) It appears as though Lori's log in information is no longer valid. The sign in area is requesting a google user name, which obviously different from the pop.belmont account that Lori used to set it up. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

    On another note, one of the things that is becoming more and more difficult to find is a human being at the "company" who can answer these questions. I am putting this on my list of things to incorporate into my groups venture.