Thursday, March 26, 2009

Beyond Advertising: Choosing a strategic path to the digital consumer

The distinctions are blurring between advertising and marketing, as new forms of communication marry the return on investment (ROI)-characteristics of marketing with emotional characteristics of traditional brand advertising - in short, the old ways cannot meet the challenges of today.

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  1. Consumers can no longer be
    considered ‘the audience’ – they
    are simultaneously readers, editors
    and marketers, especially the
    younger demographics.”

    Despite privacy concerns, a sizable number
    of consumers are willing to provide personal
    information; for example, details about themselves,
    their lifestyles or content preferences.
    But in exchange, they seek perceived value:
    free content, air time minutes or travel/discount
    points, to name a few.

    Interesting article. Thanks for the post. This shift away from the "legacy" techniques is very interesting to me. What stays and what goes seems related to the question of why certain techniques work (or worked). If the core component is still valid, than the integration of new technology would seem to be easier.

    PArt of the fear in all of this change is that many feel that their past experience is no longer valid. We must be able to seperate the "tricks of the trade" with real core insight. If I know why the model that Sears (to take one of Anderson's models) used at the turn of the century worked, than adapting that technique to incorporate new technology is much easier.

    It is a scary proposition that in this age of inclusion, there are many who are being lost on the side of the technology highway.