Monday, March 23, 2009

The Long Tail: Are we losing something valuable

I am reading "The Long Tail" and I understand what the auther is saying about virtues of getting away from the constraints of "Brick and Morter" buildings. However, as regards the movie industry, aren't we minimizing the experience of being in a theatre. There are some movies that are better in the theatre. Bigger screens, better sound, overpriced drinks and popcorn, etc... If this trend continues, is there a risk that the movie theatre will disappear? Currently the phrase "direct to video" is viewed in a negative conotation, but what if that becomes the norm?


  1. It's all a matter of choice. Some will choose to go to a theatre. Others may wish to watch in on a flat screen at home. Still other may want to watch it on their MAC or even their iPhone. Remember, there are five generations living and the people in them are diverse.

  2. Just as we want our news customized like everything else, different people want different movie experiences. I know some people that will never go to the theatre because they can watch it for $3 at home in a few weeks. However, other people can't wait for a new movie to see in the theatre , along with their $20 popcorn and soda. Like Dr. Syb said, "It's a matter of choice." There are somethings that we all will splurge on and there are some we will not. It just depends.


  3. Sorry about the late post, I just figured this thing out......
    I agree with Lori, it is a matter of preference. But as with everything else, that particular industry will need to "re-invent" itself in order to stay afloat because of the competition (i.e, watching new releases at home or on an iphone). I think by maybe surveying "the people" to find out what they want will be the key to that industry's survival. They need us! That is one that Chris Anderson makes in The Long Tail. We, the consumer, determine their success or failure.

    Lowering prices on snacks would also be a move in the right direction for those who still want to enjoy the theater experience. In some theaters, you can buy dinner and watch a movie. Jasmine