Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Long Tail of Netflix

From The Long Tail- "Today you can choose to have Amazon ship you tax software in a box in ten days or simply download it and run it right now. Other services offer you the same choice for music: a CD next week or the digital tracks now" (248).

Years ago I can remember song writer friends being stoked that their song made it on a George Strait record or a Faith Hill album. Back then it was all about CD sales and they were guaranteed their royalties along with the hit writers on the record. However, with the advent of digital downloads if your not the writer of the hit you WILL make less money. Not just a few thousand dollars, but tens-hundreds of thousands of dollars in difference. However, it is all about customization now and selection. I no longer buy the whole CD I typically purchase 2-3 songs from an album on iTunes.

The link below is about Netflix streaming movies online. Which will likely cause consumers to customize their movie experience and not go to the brick and mortar stores. They can save time, gas, and money. However, it will impact stores such as Blockbuster even more.


Here is the link


  1. Ok, now that we can get on here, I'll comment here instead of via email. Great article, Lori, thanks.

    I tend to go along with Ted though and I still like buying the CD. Mainly because I like reading the insert with the lyrics to the songs. I have however purchased & downloaded several songs off and somewhere else which ended up putting a virus on my computer. So for now I'm back to buying CDs.


    P.S. It might also be the age thing so it just takes me a bit longer to come around to newer technology.

  2. I'm big on having the actual CD also, I think it is a material thing. I have been buying more and more on ITunes since I got my IPOD. It is nice to find the "niche" of the music I like and just buy the singles. I will say that I am a huge fan of Netflix. I can't even tell you the last time I was in a Blockbuster Video. It takes a day, it comes right to my mailbox, and I don't have to worry about a deadline at it's a flat fee every month. Love it!


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