Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Back in Business

It seems to be working, I've logged in and out a couple of times by going to the website. Here is a link to the article I emailed:

The 'Little-Guy Economy' is flourishing
While corporate giants are drowning or barely treading water, small shops with low operating costs that leverage their smarts are staying afloat and, in some cases, thriving.



  1. As mentioned in the article there are many advantages to working and owning a small business . With less overhead and less bureaucracy it makes decision making much easier. Running some ideas around the table and forming an answer fairly quickly is much more effective than going to different layers of a company and then to the high and mighty board. Several friends of mine can't hardly decide what type of toilet paper they can use at work without is being okayed by many levels! These hang ups cause too much time and damper creativity.


  2. I like this article but my thought while reading it was stated at the end: "What happens when little guys grow, however, is another matter."


  3. With these in mind, how then can news operations become small and reinvent themselves without focusing on money? This is beyond a conundrum given the costs of running existing operations. Fortunately, for your task, you do not have this budgetary burden. Clearly, the article embodies the notions advanced by Chris Anderson in The Long Tail.