Thursday, March 26, 2009

Leadership Music Digital Summit

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to share on one of the sessions this week at the digital summit. One of the most recent innovative ideas that the entertainment industry is considering is adding a subscription fee for music to college tuition. Thoughts?



  1. About those college fees... Personally I am opposed to paying for things I do not use. Like all of the extras online through the Belmont library. There are several subscriptions that I have never needed, even in my undergrad years at Belmont. However, if this subscription fee helps those in the music program then it would be beneficial. But, I don't think I need to pay for this fee.


  2. I agree with Lori and I'm not sure I would consider this an innovative idea.


  3. I think it really depends on how much music you consume. If you purchase a lot it would be beneficial...of course there is always a price point that is beneficial or not. If you download music illegally, it obviously is not pleasing because you aren't paying for music typically. When I was in college (undergraduate), I probably would have paid less for a subscription than I did for actually purchasing CDs that I don't listen to now.

    I think the idea was a way to monetize an industry that is high in illegal campuses. I think Belmont is somewhat unique and not sure that a fee like this is needed on a campus like ours. A good portion of our students understand that music is not free. I'm not totally against this idea because I think this is a way to "make music feel free".

    Another idea I was thinking about a while back was to include a $5.00/monthly fee or something small as part of a cable or internet bill and you can access all music. You don't actually download it, but you can access it in your home if you have this service. Verbiage is important...there is a negative connotation with the word "fee". So, I think you just bundle a "package" that includes access to all music, your cable service and internet services. Just a brainstorming idea.