Monday, March 23, 2009

CNN says Newspapers are Dying

This is an article from about the death of
newspapers. Again, I remind you not to study the dying, study the living. You should not interview the past in order to create a future strategy. Instead, study mavericks. In the book Maverick's At Work: Why the Most Original Minds in Business Win , the authors studied different industries and realized that maverick leaders really do lead. They are so far in front that the only guidance for them is their internal value system.

Study people who are doing innovative things. Locally, start with Rex Hammock, Dave Delaney and Morgan Levy.

I'm working on getting them as guest speakers as well.


  1. Isn't it important for us to understand where they have been and what they have tried when designing their future?

  2. It is very important to study "the dying." This is an element that should not be overlooked. We can learn a lot from what went wrong to impact the future. Just as in science, we learn a lot from the dying and the dead. Along with researching mavericks and success stories, the two go hand in hand. We can learn a great deal from both successes and failures.


  3. Indeed, just don't get trapped in the past. Innovators find and solve problems. Craigslist did not look at the newspaper industry and create online classifieds. Most forerunners just run, they do not look back because they lose speed and focus by taking their attention off of the problem.